Tuesday, January 10, 2006

some phone numbers and info on support groups in connecticut

from the hartford courant

January 10 2006
Infoline 2-1-1 is a free 24-hour statewide source of crisis intervention, referral and information. People dialing 211 are connected with professional caseworkers who assess situations, discuss options and find preventable or rehabilitative care.AgoraphobiaStatewide: Support groups for individuals who suffer from agoraphobia, panic, or generalized anxiety disorder are offered throughout the state. 860-529-1970 or 800-842-1501, Mental Health Association of Connecticut. AIDSNational: Support group information for individuals testing HIV positive, having ARC/AIDS or for those family members and significant others, call the National AIDS Hotline, 800-342-2437; Spanish, 800-344-7432; hearing impaired, 800-243-7889.AlcoholismStatewide: Alcoholics Anonymous assists men and women in obtaining and maintaining sobriety while also helping others to recover from alcoholism. Meetings held throughout the state. Write, General Service Office, 475 Riverside Drive, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10115, or call:•Hartford: 860-282-5924.•Manchester: 860-646-2355.•Middletown: 860-344-1744.•Northwest Conn.: 800-829-1863.•Shoreline: 888-624-6063.•Southeast Conn.: 860-268-2067.•Wallingford: 203-265-5445.•Waterbury: 203-755-2124............

and there is LOTS more too!

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