Monday, January 09, 2006

in order to be fair, i'll (begrudgingly) post this

i posted his (the alleged perp) picture the other day. on the off off off off off chance, he didn't commit this vile act, i thought i better post this article. BUT just because one is deported from america doesn't mean one can't sneak back in

Claims: Wrong Man Sought In Abuse Case
Courant Staff Writer January 9 2006
The father of a Hartford child-abuse suspect said Sunday his son could not have burned and severely beaten a disabled 6-year-old girl because he'd been deported to Colombia from Canada months ago.Also on Sunday, a man in Colombia who identified himself as Jaime Hoy Jr., the suspect, told The Courant stamps in his passport prove he was not in the United States when the crime occurred.Hartford Police Chief Patrick Harnett said investigators were confident they have the right suspect, but would look into the claims."If the police are looking for my son in Hartford, they are wasting their time," Jaime Hoy Sr., 59, of Kissimmee, Fla., said in a telephone interview.The police's suspect, Hoy Jr., 29, was not the father of the child who was abused. He had lived with the mother for several years and had a son and a daughter with her. Hoy Sr. said the mother and the daughter with the disability visited him in Florida three years ago."This is horrendous what happened - I love that little girl. I hope the police concentrate on the mother and her boyfriend," Hoy Sr. said.He said his son was arrested in Canada on drug charges more than a year ago and deported to Colombia in April. Hoy Sr. said his son has not returned to the United States. Barred from this country for two years, he couldn't return if he wanted to, the father said...........

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