Wednesday, January 11, 2006

i was sitting at my pop's house yesterday knitting and watching tv (i don't have cable at home and was in the mood for a movie. but i found NONE). i try NOT to when it comes on, but i started watching animal cops in houston, on animal planet. what kind of creatures are these 'human' beings that can DO that to animals? a beautiful dog with a nylon collar EMBEDDED DEEP INTO HER NECK, cows and bulls THREE HUNDRED POUNDS UNDERWEIGHT, horses with horrible leg injuries just left to heal on their own and worse....... (good ending for the doggy with the collar wounds. she adopted a very lovely family with kids and another doggy. good news for one of the injured horses too. he adopted a lovely young couple familiar with taking care of equines). i cannot fathom seeing and letting an animal suffer much less be the ONE that causes such suffering. it goes against everything i believe in.

and then this morning, this story on wtnh, channel 8

Animal breeder charged with animal cruelty
(Clinton-WTNH, Jan. 10, 2006 6:00 PM) _ A shoreline dog breeder is facing animal cruelty charges.
Authorities say they discovered one dead dog and other dogs who were starving.
by News Channel 8's Erin Cox
Now rescued, the rottweilers were in rotten conditions.
"These dogs were in crisis," says Chief Joseph Fauhnan.
Crisis became deadly for one dog. Six adult dogs and four puppies were saved.
The dog owner, 35-year-old Marion Lent has been charged with animal cruelty for raising the Rottweilers in filthy conditions.
"The conditions were so deplorable my officers had to take off their uniforms, put them in bags for special cleaning because they were concerned about the level of bacteria."
A complaint from the animal control officer to 107 Long Hill Road. The officer found the adult dogs in this shed marked stay out. She ordered Lent to clean up the crates.
Later that same day the landlord discovered a dead dog in the bedroom Lent had been renting in the main house.
"The dog was found and had been hidden from the inspection of the animal control officer."
The adult dogs are now being cared for here at the Clinton Dog Pound but because this is a criminal case the animals are evidence and it could be a while before they could be adopted.
Lent is a known breeder and claims the proper kennels for the pups and dogs are in storage. Police couldn't wait for her to clean up.
"If the intervention hadn't happened more animals would have died."
Lent is due in court and the judge will determine if she gets the dogs back or if they will be put up for adoption.

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