Monday, January 09, 2006

medicare prescription plans or is that pains?

we all KNEW this was a piece of steamin' shite from the get go. giving someone OVER 60 plans to choose from (especially those without access to things like the internet) is beyond stupid. how the hell can they compare plans to find out which one is best for them? why should the pharmacists be responsible for this? they have enough to do answering BASIC questions from everyone (and of course filling the scripts)

Pharmacists overwhelmed at new Medicare drug program
January 8, 2006
NEW HAVEN, Conn. --The start of the Medicare prescription drug plan for seniors has been difficult for pharmacists in Connecticut.
Pharmacists are helping bewildered beneficiaries, dispensing medications at their own expense and are working out problems with overwhelmed insurance plans. The program began Jan. 1.
"This has been catastrophic," said Frederick Vegliante, 77, a pharmacist and former owner of Bella Vista Pharmacy and Surgical Supplies Inc. in New Haven.
"The program was very badly planned. In reality we're not legally bound to fill prescriptions that are not paid for. But are we going to turn down a 90-year-old woman?" he asked.
Margherita R. Giuliano, executive vice president of the Connecticut Pharmacists Association, said pharmacies are overwhelmed.
"Pharmacies knew it would be bad, but not this bad," she said...........


and this from the hartford courant

Rell Authorizes Medicare Prescription Payments

Associated Press
January 7 2006
HARTFORD, Conn. -- Gov. M. Jodi Rell has authorized the state to pay pharmacies directly when low-income elderly and disabled people have problems with eligibility for the new national Medicare prescription drug program.State officials say people in Connecticut and other states have had trouble getting their new Medicare drug coverage to kick in when their prescriptions are rung up at the pharmacy counter. The federal program started Jan. 1."Connecticut is stepping in to make sure that our vulnerable elderly and people with disabilities do not lose access to their vital prescription drugs because of Medicare glitches as the program gets up to speed," Rell said in a statement. "I have authorized the Department of Social Services to work with pharmacies to guarantee continuation of drug coverage during this transition period."...............

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