Saturday, January 14, 2006

a hundred million dollar OVERSIGHT?

no, it's a 100.00 oversight, when it's 100,000,000 it's a F**K UP NOT an oversight. and please, ms wyman, yes, all new computer systems have glitches BUT when a system 'cannot process data sufficiently' that is NOT a glitch, it's a F**K UP.

Auditors: state hasn't claimed $100 million because of computer problems
January 13, 2006
HARTFORD, Conn. --A new auditors' report says state government has failed to claim $100 million in federal reimbursements since November 2003 because of problems with a new computer system.
State Auditors Robert G. Jaekle and Kevin P. Johnston also said state Comptroller Nancy Wyman gave up a significant amount of control over state financial transactions because of the computer troubles, the Journal Inquirer of Manchester reported. The auditors' report was released Thursday.
Wyman said in a written statement that she never relinquished authority and maintains full oversight of financial transactions. She also expressed confidence in the new $130 million Core-CT computer system, saying all similarly large new systems have initial glitches.
In November 2003, the state Department of Transportation discovered that it could not apply for federal reimbursement for highway and road projects because the new computer network could not process data sufficiently. At that time, the $1 million to $2 million in weekly federal reimbursement requests started piling up.
Stephen E. Korta II, who has served as DOT commissioner since April 2004, said officials talked with a software firm tied to the Core-CT project about solving the problem, but it did not come up with a product that could meet the state's needs................

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