Sunday, January 08, 2006

oh by the way

i got another summons for jury duty yesterday. i believe this makes EIGHT (or thereabouts). i didn't read it and i don't know where it is for. i may not have to go because of my previous duty (it was only last year i believe) in manchester.

i don't mind serving (but COME ON, EIGHT times???), but all of the times i have gone, i have NEVER been chosen. it's also a wicked pain. i cannot go through the metal detectors without a light show, so they have to wand me. i feel sorry for the officer that has to go through my purse too. i try to clean it out and bring a smaller one, but that never works. they can get the stuff OUT of my handbag, they just cannot ever get it back in. i had to turn my cell phone in last time too because of the camera. i had it shut off but they still confiscated it. because i believe church and state should be separate, i also do not take the normal oath. i have to be 'sworn in' separately.

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