Wednesday, January 11, 2006

a couple thoughts..............

i was reading some of the connecticut blogs on connecticut weblogs and was AMAZED at how differently everyone sees what is happening in the political arena and the world right now. i am simply stunned at some of the comments i have read. how the people grilling alito are 'buffoons' and how the newswires are geared toward the left side while the more progressive (and understanding and CORRECT) blogs say things are skewed to the right in both politics AND the news media.

i personally saw ONE sound bite from the questioning yesterday. it was where they brought up alito was a member of a college organization (in the SEVENTIES NOT THE FIFTIES) that wanted to prohibit BLACKS AND WOMEN from attending university. i couldn't watch it any further.

oh and my wish is someday we will have a president who can properly pronounce the word NUCLEAR (this isn't just a republican fault by the way)

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