Friday, May 04, 2007

update on ryan riddle

(and yet ANOTHER shout out to news channel 8)

a soldier SHOT in iraq and denied benefits here, given the run around yet one of the men responsible for the run around is given a $33,000 BONUS? shite, that just is NOT right

why did wtnh channel 8 have to go out to find proof ryan riddle was wounded in iraq? why didn't
ronald aument find proof? isn't that part of HIS job?
shouldn't our veterans, ESPECIALLY the wounded ones be taken care of?

Soldier denied benefits, cutting through the red tape

(Southington-WTNH)_An Iraq War veteran and Southington resident is a living example of the red tape that is bogging down the Veterans Administration.
While soldiers like Ryan Riddle struggle to get medical coverage for war wounds there is word that some VA officials in charge of their paperwork are getting huge cash performance bonuses. Team 8 Investigator Alan Cohn recently confronted, Ronald Aument, one of the bureaucrats who received one of those bonuses.
"The question is, how could a TV station from Connecticut reach out to people in Baghdad and confirm that this private was shot and the VA can't?""Frankly, I don't know the facts, but I'll be happy to look into it," Aument said............


Anonymous said...

Ryan riddle is an egosentric prick

a rose is a rose said...

oslo is a long way to hold a grudge. i don't know ryan but i DO know he was shot because of an unjust illegal and immoral war. i also know he SHOULD and MUST get all medical treatment provided to him for his (friendly fire) war related wounds

it is not very brave of you to leave such a comment and anonymously at that, now is it?