Thursday, May 03, 2007

this is how we treat our war wounded: ryan riddle a connecticut horror story

they (the va) says there is NO proof of a wound? ryan riddle WAS SHOT in iraq (friendly fire, but shot none the less). why should he have to do a whole dog and pony show to get the benefits HE DESERVES?

and a GIANT shout out to
wtnh, news channel 8 for attempting to do what SHOULD have been done all along.

this is bull shite

Injured Connecticut soldier denied service benefits

Southington-WTNH)_A presidential task force has announced new measures to improve what it describes as unacceptably poor coordination between the veterans administration and the defense department when it comes to helping wounded veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan prove their disability claims.
Just last week veterans affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson said "these heroes should not have to fight bureaucratic red tape for benefits earned by their courageous service." Ryan Riddle is a Connecticut veteran who has been fighting through that red tape ever since he was wounded in Iraq............

.............It was an accidental shooting which left very real scars from shrapnel wounds to Riddle's wrist and legs. Doctors were unable to remove part of the bullet in his leg because it was too close to an artery.
Riddle received a commendation for his service at the checkpoint; the soldier who shot him got a reprimand. Riddle was discharged and moved home to Southington. He filed for service related benefits for the gun shot wound, and doctors at the Newington Veterans hospital told him there is no proof of his injury..............

...........That was almost a month ago. News Channel 8 turned over a letter written on Army stationary by Riddle's sergeant who was with him when he was shot. We even offered to give the VA the x-rays that show the bullet lodged in his thigh, but as of right now, Riddle's claim is still denied.
The VA said the documents help but it is still trying to get a hold of the soldiers that we had no trouble contacting to corroborate their story.
Rep. John Larson, (D, who has been following the case said it's ridiculous.........

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