Tuesday, May 01, 2007

a shout out to mary ann klecker

THIS is supporting us troops. NOT sending them into harm's way OVER lies

Helping injured soldiers

by News Channel 8's Sara Welch

WTNH) _ A Milford woman has made it her mission to help injured service members and their families.
Inside a Florida motel, Mary Ann Klecker runs Haley House, a place for families to stay while their loved ones undergo rehabilitation at the James Haley VA Hospital in Tampa.
For one family, Iraq changed everything. Three months ago, Sergeant John Jones a 16-year Army veteran, was hit by an improvised explosive device. The blast shattered part of his skull causing a traumatic brain injury.
"He's my world and just to touch him and know that he's going to be OK is wonderful," said his wife Laura.
"They were there the whole time, first thing when I woke up I remember seeing my family and my wife," said John..................

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