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i'm glad the judge in this case is taking time to think

BEFORE sentencing.

and once again i'd like to take the opportunity to apologize to mr hoy (whom i never outright said was guilty but i did say IF he did this............. i jumped the gun. now i'm going to say i hope yajaira and jose, who DID commit this heinous crime DO PAY and pay dearly). so i'm praying judge miano thinks long and hard and gives these two exactly what they deserve (of course he really can't do that - BUT he can give them what they deserve INSIDE of the law)

Sentencing postponed after judge sees victim's pictures
(Hartford-AP) _ Photos of a young victim of child abuse have prompted a Hartford judge to put off sentencing of her mother and the mother's boyfriend.
The judge says he wants to think about the lower sentences he planned. His decision came yesterday after seeing, for the first time, pictures of the six-year-old girl who had been beaten so badly, her arm had to be amputated.
Judge Thomas Miano halted the sentencing after viewing the photos and hearing child welfare officials describe what they called the "torture" of Natasha Santiago......

Judge Rethinks Sentence For Abuse He Delays Ruling After Seeing Photos Of Child

By TINA A. BROWN, Courant Staff Writer

A judge in Hartford was prepared to send an abusive mother and her boyfriend to prison Monday for beating her handicapped daughter so badly that the girl's arm had to be amputated.But in a rare move, Superior Court Judge Thomas Miano halted the sentencing after viewing gruesome photographs of the battered girl's injuries for the first time and hearing child welfare officials describe the "torture" of 6-year-old Natasha Santiago.Miano had been prepared to sentence Yajaira Rodriguez of Hartford to 10 years in prison and her boyfriend, Jose Graciani of New Britain, to 12 years behind bars. But after seeing and hearing more evidence, he postponed the sentencings to next week, he said, so that he had time "to think."..........

...........But the photographs - a significant record of the child's injuries - offered a more gruesome perspective than the mountains of paperwork that doctors from Connecticut Children's Medical Center and Yale-New Haven Hospital had forwarded to the prosecution and the defense.They showed Natasha sitting in a car seat. She had a black and blue knot on her head. Her legs and back had older wounds. But those injuries paled compared with her left arm, which was burned, swollen and purple. Doctors later amputated it..............

Mom, Friend Convicted Of Child Abuse 6-Year-Old Lost Her Arm, Had Many Broken Bones
By TINA A. BROWN, Courant Staff Writer

A Hartford mother and her boyfriend pleaded guilty Wednesday to charges stemming from the severe beating of her disabled, 6-year-old daughter that resulted in amputation of the girl's left arm.Though Yajaira Rodriguez, 25, of Hartford, and Jose Graciani, 24, of New Britain, pleaded guilty to assault and risk of injury charges at separate hearings in Superior Court in Hartford, neither openly admitted inflicting the injuries sustained by Natasha Santiago in December 2005.
Initially, Rodriguez had blamed the girl's injuries on a former boyfriend.At their combined sentencing on Monday, Rodriguez will receive a 20-year-prison term, suspended after she serves 10 years in prison and five years of probation. Graciani will receive a 20-year-prison term, suspended after he serves 12 years in prison and five years of probation, said Judge Thomas Miano...........

apologies to mr hoy

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