Thursday, May 03, 2007

t.r. rowe (r-trumbull) you're WRONG

you CANNOT have love or compassion to or for a woman UNLESS you allow her the RIGHT to choose plan b IF she seeks medical treatment after a rape. once again, PLAN B DOES NOT CAUSE AN ABORTION. it is a contraceptive (yes, i know the catholic church prohibits the use of contraceptives. by the way almost every catholic i know of child bearing age USES CONTRACEPTION).

it is indeed a victory for connecticut and especially it's women

House Passes Bill Requiring Hospitals To Dispense Plan B

HARTFORD, Conn. -- The House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly Wednesday in favor of a bill that requires all hospitals in the state, including Catholic ones, to offer rape victims emergency contraception.
The bill passed on a 113-36 vote, following a three-hour debate.
The legislation, which passed the Senate last week, now moves to Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell's desk. The governor suggested she's inclined to sign the bill into law.......

............."I know I may be spitting against the wind here," said Rep. T.R. Rowe, R-Trumbull, a Catholic, pleading with his colleagues. "I ask each of you to think again before you cast your vote this afternoon. You can still have great love, care and compassion for victimized women. You can still do right by them and vote against the underlying bill."
The emergency contraception, known as Plan B, helps prevent a pregnancy when taken within 72 hours of sex.
Last year, Hartford Archbishop Henry J. Mansell directed Connecticut's four Catholic hospitals not to prescribe the drug if a rape victim is ovulating or an egg has been fertilized. Roman Catholics believe life begins at conception.
Barry Feldman, a lawyer for the Connecticut Catholic Hospitals Council, said Mansell is very disappointed. He said the state's bishops must now consider their options, including possible legal action.............

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