Wednesday, May 02, 2007

princess was eighteen years old - and she was found stuffed in a box

naked, bleach poured all over her and beaten so badly they didn't know what gender she was at first.

she was found on laurel street. i work VERY near laurel street. who knows, i may have passed her or one of the four who are accused of murdering her.

the following isn't a story about her death - it's a story of her tragic life. someone (colin poitras) took the time to find out
(it ain't easy being mentally ill)

It Was `Chaos All The Time' Slain `Princess' Often Rebelled Against Treatment, Ran Away

By COLIN POITRAS, Courant Staff Writer

When state officials sent Alexandria Clouse-Desmond to a special school in Bennington, Vt., last year, she jumped out of a window and ran away, only to be found hours later lying face down in a ditch on the side of the road.When Clouse-Desmond was receiving treatment at the state-run Riverview psychiatric hospital for children in Middletown the year before that, she ran from staff and plunged into the nearby Connecticut River in an apparent drowning attempt.
Last May, while again at Riverview, Clouse-Desmond was among a trio of young women who ran away during an outing to the movies. The girls were later found, all claiming to have been raped while they were out on the streets of Hartford.........

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