Wednesday, January 24, 2007

i don't know if PETAs claims are true or not

BUT an investigation into the goings on at ANY pet store is ALWAYS welcome in my book.

PETA Says Animals Mistreated At Store Complaint Follows Three-Month Probe By Undercover Employee At PetSmart

By REGINE LABOSSIERE Courant Staff Writer January 23 2007 MANCHESTER -- A national animal rights organization is alleging that animals in the local PetSmart store are not properly cared for and often languish and die.People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals submitted a complaint Monday with the office of State's Attorney James E. Thomas asking for an investigation into PetSmart's treatment of animals. A member of Thomas' staff said the office received the complaint but that Thomas was out of the office and unavailable for comment.PETA also is requesting that the state's attorney move for a preliminary injunction that would prevent the local PetSmart from getting more animals if animal cruelty charges are filed, and that the animals currently in the store be rescued.According to the complaint, "severely ill animals at the store often languished in cages for days, were denied professional veterinary care and, in some cases, were instead amateurishly (and falsely) diagnosed and treated by unqualified PetSmart `pet care specialists,' who often had no prior experience with animals or the care that they require."The store's manager said Monday that the allegations are false...........

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