Friday, January 26, 2007

bundle up today

it's supposed to be minus degrees out there (with the wind chill factor)

today i'll be wearing tights, big fuzzy socks, jeans, a turtle neck, an overshirt (kinda fancy), my hoodie, my big winter coat (i haven't worn it yet this year. it really is BIG. it wraps around me AND it goes all the way to my ankles), my gloves. i don't wear hats usually because i wear my hair in a bun. i'll just put my hoodie up AND my big coat has a hood on it too.

i think i'm going to look like one of those kids in a snow suit. you know the kind that can barely walk, they waddle because they have so many clothes on....


Fuzzy Turtle said...

I'm not leaving the house.

a rose is a rose said...

i really DID waddle around yesterday! i forgot to mention two more items of clothing i had on. over my hoodie and under my coat, i also had a 'wrap' (like a shawl but heavier) on and then i had a scarf wrapped around my neck too. man, it WAS cold

i have quite the walk from the parking lot into work in the morning. i didn't enjoy that one bit.

i survived though!