Monday, January 22, 2007

blog for choice - today is the 34th anniversary of roe vs wade

the request was a simple one.

why am i pro-choice

i am pro choice for many reasons. the first and foremost is, THIS IS MY BODY. i have a mind and a heart and i believe i also have a soul. i believe i can make sound rational decisions. i believe MOST women can also make sound rational decisions about their OWN bodies. i believe a bunch of good old white boys had NO RIGHT to pass laws ON MY BODY. i believe a bunch of good old white boys should NEVER have been allowed to make or pass ANY laws regarding women's bodies and reproductive rights. times are changing and now there are also some good old white 'grrrls' making and passing laws too. some are just as bad as the white boy network. the good news is SOME men and women who are lawmakers (these days) DO believe women should have the right to decide if they should have a child or if they should not. i believe i don't EVER want to go back to the time when a friend of mine had to travel clear across the country (2,500 miles give or take) to have an abortion in secret because it was illegal or at least it was in connecticut. she told me years later, but i knew at the time. i just never said anything. i SHOULD have. i SHOULD have told her i understood. it was HER body and SHE had the right to decide. i was very young though (as was she). i don't want to worry about our daughters and their daughters having to go to secret dirty rooms to have coat hanger abortions by men with dirty finger nails. a close relative of mine told me recently she had an abortion MANY years ago. it shocked me because i just never suspected. she told me she just wasn't ready. she KNEW she wasn't ready. she KNEW she would NOT have been a good mother at that point in her life. when she WAS ready, she did have children and is an exceptional mother. i believe we should support SOUND SCIENTIFIC birth control education in our schools. (ABSTINENCE DOES NOT WORK IT WILL NEVER WORK) i believe no one who has an abortion is going to hell (for the abortion at least. then again, i don't believe in hell at all but i'm making a point here). i believe no one should feel shame for making a decision to have an abortion. i believe no woman or no GIRL (there are states where they would want to force a 12 year old who was incestuously raped to have that child) should be FORCED to bear a child. that is barbaric. i believe if you don't want an abortion DON'T EFFING HAVE AN ABORTION. i believe my body is mine and if i want one IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS nor is it the business of any one other than the medical staff performing it and anyone else I CHOOSE TO TELL

bush vs choice

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