Wednesday, January 24, 2007

did you REALLY think the police were going to admit wrong doing

in the case of mr krayeske? i'm NOT a police-basher. never have been, never will be. however, they ARE AND WERE wrong here. the arrest was unwarranted, the BAIL was excessive, THE fact they kept mr krayeske for TWELVE HOURS is unacceptable. oh, and the little fact flyers were printed with his picture on them prior to the parade, well THAT my dears is BEYOND FREEDOM AND DIGNITY

at the VERY least i want someone to get a SLAP ON THE WRIST FOR THIS ONE AND i want SOMEONE ANYONE to ADMIT WRONGDOING

mr krayeske IS NOT osama. we all know that including governor rell

Hartford police chief defends arrest at inaugural parade

by Chief Capitol Correspondent Mark Davis Posted Jan. 23, 2007 Updated 6:19 PM
(Hartford-WTNH) _ Top law enforcement was summoned to the state capitol Tuesday to explain the arrest of a political blogger at the governor's inaugural parade. State lawmakers and the governor want to know if the arrest was an over-reaction.
Commissioner of Public Safety Leonard Boyle and Hartford Police Chief Daryl Roberts got called on the carpet about this incident with an eye toward potential changes in state law over how to protect the state's leaders.
It was just before Gov. Rell passed the Soldiers and Sailors Arch on January 3rd that Hartford police arrested 34-year-old Ken Krayeske as he approached her with a camera. He's a law student and political blogger and Green Party activist.
He was arrested once in his life at a protest in Eastern Connecticut. But this time he was held for nearly 12 hours and had bail set at $75,000.
On the day of the inauguration state police had circulated a two page document with his picture because a detective had seen an entry on his blog calling for a protest that evening at the governor's Inaugural Ball............


Fuzzy Turtle said...

they're going to throw the arresting officer under the bus.. I can see how this will play out from a mile away. That seems to be the standard MO of these sorts of operations..

and Daryl Roberts and Jodi Rell will continue on their merry way. Boyle will move on to whatever job he has lined up... nothing will change, and the 'list' will remain.

a rose is a rose said...

check out my new posting (which i didn't do yet),

the bio-thch who RAN OVER a city offical - her bail was LESS than krayeske's.

i am going to write to him to make sure his attorney KNOWS that

that is just the icing on the vegan cupcake