Saturday, January 27, 2007

careful with your o-bombs

these drinks ARE popular; o-bombs, jaguer bombs and red bull and vodka.

if you have ever partaken of a COUPLE of these, chances are you may feel a few palpatations. just be careful

Mixing energy drinks and alcohol

by News Channel 8's Annie Rourke

New Haven-WTNH) _ Alcohol and energy drinks are a cocktail combination that is gaining in popularity, but it is also a potentially dangerous drink. Some Connecticut bars are now taking action to keep the cocktails out of the hands of customers.
The drinks are marketed primarily to the under-30 crowd, but the trend appears to be growing. New Haven firefighters enjoying a Friday night at Bar on Crown street partake in their drink of choice, Red Bull and vodka......

........Studies have shown what they don't know, can hurt them. Researchers at Ball State University in Indiana report this high-octane combination cause cardiopulmonary failures. Hospital of St. Raphael's doctors tell News Channel 8 the reason is, alcohol is a depressant and these energy drinks are a heavy stimulant. Mixing them could be a lethal cocktail. Now some hot spots, like Kudeta in New Haven, are refusing to sell them all together...

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