Sunday, January 21, 2007

da liebs, da lack of concern for da lives (of our men and women)

his views on our presence in the middle east are NOT those of his constituants. BRING OUR MEN AND WOMEN HOME and DO IT NOW.

write him and call him and email him. chances are he won't answer but do it anyway. he was elected (NOT BY ME MIND YOU) to REPRESENT THE PEOPLE

not his ulterior motives

Lieberman supports escalation in Iraq, might filibuster anyone trying to rein Bush in

by John in DC - 1/20/2007 03:18:00 PM
Many of us have been saying for a while now that Joe Lieberman is not a moderate Democrat. He's not even a moderate Republican. He's a conservative Republican when it comes to the Iraq war. He holds the same position as John McCain. And John McCain holds the same position as George Bush. They are a very small minority who believe that the Iraq war is going well, and that we need to send lots more troops into Iraq in order to escalate the war even further. Lieberman is even now talking about filibustering any Democratic attempt put a check on George Bush's never-ending, and ill-considered, attempts to make matters even worse in Iraq........

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