Saturday, December 02, 2006

yet ANOTHER avon mountain accident

as i've said SO many times, i drove over route 44 for YEARS. had a million close calls myself as well as seeing another million and witnessing MANY accidents. one with a fatality. forget when it snows..................

they did put up more signs. they did add a police-pull-over area. they did try but it's STILL not enough.

if you go over the mountain, please be careful and DON'T BE A DOPE

Another accident on Avon Mountain closes road for hours

(West Hartford-WTNH/AP, Dec. 1, 2006 Updated 10:20 PM) _ Route 44 on Avon Mountain was closed for several hours Friday after a multi-vehicle crash that left a 26-year-old woman hospitalized with serious injuries and sent two others to the hospital.
by News Channel 8's Darren Duarte
The crash happened around 11:00 am between Mountain Road and Deercliff. Police say an eastbound car spun out of control into the westbound lanes and smashed into an oncoming car. A third car went off the side of the road and avoided the accident.
Construction workers nearby heard the crash and called 911.
"I saw a lady sitting in the car, she was bleeding from her head. There was another lady in the bush. There was another who was driving the black car sitting on the ground," Rick Alexander said.
Police shut down Route 44 for hours. Officers have seen too many people hurt or killed on Avon Mountain.........

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