Wednesday, November 29, 2006

hey sony

or whoever the hell makes playstations why don't you do the RIGHT thing and give michael penkala a playstation 3. he was SHOT waiting in line for one. he was SHOT because he refused to give up his money. i believe i read (somewhere else) he was going to sell the playstations to make some extra money to help his MOTHER out.

sony, give him a playstation or two or three!

the (alleged-since they've not been convicted YET) perps have been caught. they're young. one is 17 years old. they should be taken off of the streets FOR LIFE. 17 years old with a gun. 17 years old and VERY close to KILLING someone. someone innocent

Arrests made in Putnam PlayStation 3 shooting

Putnam-AP, Nov. 28, 2006 Updated 3:50 PM) _ State police today arrested two men who are accused of shooting a Massachusetts man waiting to buy PlayStation 3 videogame consoles in Putnam earlier this month.
William J. Robertson of Woodstock and Andrew Patnaude of Putnam were charged with attempted murder, robbery, assault and other crimes.
The 20-year-old Robertson was arraigned today in Danielson Superior Court. His bond was set at one million dollars and he was ordered to return to court on December 15th.
The 17-year-old Patnaude is scheduled to appear in the same court tomorrow. He also was held on one million dollars bond.

Penkala was shot by two gunmen who tried to steal his cash as he waited outside Wal-Mart in Putnam. He said he dialed 9-1-1 on his cell phone when he saw the gunmen wearing bandanas over their faces and carrying guns.

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