Monday, November 27, 2006

i can personally attest to a bunch o' id-jits

playing on deercliff road. years ago, it was not regularly traveled. now it is. it is a short cut between route 44 in avon to farmington avenue (route 4 i think it is but i'm not sure) in farmington (by the health center at any rate). i used to love driving down those roads, deercliff and mountain spring and the others. the houses are HUGE and there are still a lot of woodsy areas. it used to be quiet and nice. when i worked in avon, i would take that drive every once in a while if my head needed clearing. now, i'm almost afraid to go down those twisty roads. afraid of OTHER cars that is

Cars `Fly' A Bump In Avon Tricky Road Is Site Of 3 Crashes In 3 Years

By DANIEL P. JONES Courant Staff Writer November 26 2006 AVON -- For decades, so the local legend goes, teens have driven their cars along Deercliff Road at breakneck speed to get a thrill going airborne over a dip in the roadway.Whether they drove too fast intentionally or were just unprepared for what the combination of speed and the bump might do, young drivers have had spectacular crashes at that spot three times in the past three years.Just ask Iain Sorrell, a Deercliff Road homeowner whose driveway is steps away from the drop-off. He's seen the results of the wrecks, which severely damaged the cars and resulted in motor vehicle charges against the drivers, who walked away with minor injuries.Sorrell and other residents want the town to level that spot in the roadway, and want speeders on Deercliff to slow down."I think people definitely travel too fast on that road," said Dr. Joseph Pavano, another Deercliff Road resident.Avon police say their observations don't show a consistent problem on Deercliff, which runs from Route 44 near the top of Avon Mountain south to the Farmington line."It's not a consistent thing where we can target a specific time, specific day or specific location," said Lt. Rob Whitty, who heads the division that monitors traffic. "It's a road that's not traveled that much.".............


Fuzzy Turtle said...

it IS amazing how some people FLY on these Connecticut streets.. there's one street inparticular where I've counted THREE accidents (one landed a small business owner and mother in critical care). A quarter mile down the street from me two kids were killed when they hit a car (they had 'borrowed' the car, and toxicology reports showed they were both high).

I have no solution for this but I'm pretty sick of it as are so many neighbors. Given the size of the police force, and the area of land they patrol, it's unrealistic to expect them to park on one street. And this isn't the only street where it's a problem :(

I wonder what other communities do to prevent this, if they even can.l

Fuzzy Turtle said...

forgot to mention.. the MW word of the day (I subscribe) was Connecticut related today..

"The Word of the Day for November 27, 2006 is:
Podunk • \POH-dunk\ • noun
: a small, unimportant, and isolated town
Example Sentence:
After living in a Podunk for most of her life, it took a long time for Hannah to adjust to life in the big city.
Did you know?

"I hear you ask, 'Where in the world is Podunk?'" A correspondent asked that question of the editors of the Buffalo, New York, Daily National Pilot in 1846, then answered himself: "It is in the world, sir; and more than that, is a little world of itself." That writer may have introduced America to the concept of Podunk as an insignificant Anywhere, U.S.A., town, but the place isn't just imaginary; towns with that name have actually existed in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Iowa (and probably elsewhere) over the years. The exact origin of the name is murky, but it appears that "Podunk" comes from an Algonquian word, either the name of a tribe that inhabited an area near Hartford, Connecticut, or a more generic term meaning "swampy place.""

link :

not sure if this link will change tomorrow..

a rose is a rose said...

i live on a residential side street that connects two fairly major streets. a school is one street over as a matter of fact and a day care entrance is on my street. most drivers are very cautious. however, there is always the occasional ass who guns it. if i'm outside i'll scream at them at the VERY least.

oh, i didn't know mw had a word a day. cool. they even have word games (i'm addicted to those). thanks for the link