Monday, November 27, 2006

a shout out to my two new friends

daniel and sean.

i was mindin' my own bid-nez (as i am KNOWN for doing) sitting at the bar at
the half door yesterday. i stopped by to get brunch, i was STARVING. they whip me up some spuds and sauteed vegetables along with rye toast. anyway, i bring my knitting with me wherever i go (especially since i have to knit at LEAST 30 hats for my department members by christmas). the bar was crowded due to some soccer game (manchester united vs chelsea i think) and i usually take up two seats. one for me and one for my 'stuff'. anyway, i moved my stuff so someone could sit down. turns out it was daniel and his brother sean sat to his right. daniel started to talk to me about my knitting and then he told me HE knit too. at first i didn't believe him, but he mentioned the words 'steeks' and 'rowan' so i KNEW he wasn't lying. as a matter of fact, he ended up showing me a hat he had finished and one he was working on. they were both amazing works. he designs and finishes for a living.

oh and i found out sean is my neighbor, lives just a few houses from me. small world, no?

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