Saturday, December 02, 2006

there IS a coyote in west hartford

i saw it a while back, VERY early one morning a few streets east of trout brook drive. i saw it the day after another coyote sighting in connecticut made the news. i didn't post it because i didn't think anyone would believe me. now i feel vindicated. and yes i knew it was a coyote. it was about 2:30 am. it was on a side street. she (or he) was in the middle of the road. i knew it wasn't a cat or a fox or a dog. i KNEW it was a coyote. she ran in back of some houses and i drove around but i couldn't find her again.

Coyote On Prowl In West Hartford

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Anonymous said...

I've seen it too in the very early morning, caught it tracking me and my dog walking on the fairway at Rockledge.

a rose is a rose said...

be VERY careful out there! chances are he/she just wants to say hello to your hound but you never DO know.

years ago i saw a great pbs special. it was on a native alaskan grrrl (she was a mid-teenager if memory serves me). part of her life was going out on her own for miles and miles and miles in the cold snowy wilderness. she went only with her dogs and sled (the job she was doing of course made me sick but i ignored that part. she was checking the traps she had set). all along the way, wolves followed her. they weren't after her, they just wanted to 'get with' her dogs.

rockledge is another story. (i'm smiling). years and years and years ago, the night we graduated from hall, we ALL went to party on the greens at rocklege. no destruction or loudness or anything of that sort. we just brought food and drink. we only sat and chatted and laughed. the police showed up and drove their cars ALL OVER the fairway (i can't even imagine the destruction THAT caused). the ONLY person they caught was our foreign exchange student! again, we were NOT causing any damages.......(i don't think i've told too many people that little story by the way)