Tuesday, January 17, 2006

women artists for peace - chapter in connecticut too!

sounds pretty darn cool to me!

Women artists unite to give peace a chance
MEG BARONE Correspondent
Since the dawn of time peace has eluded this small planet. Wars, military conflicts and civil uprisings are currently being waged in dozens of countries, including America's war in Iraq, and many other nations are on the brink ofConnecticut Post
And yet, no one seems discouraged by those staggering statistics. Advocates worldwide continue their efforts to bring peace to this violent place.
Type the words "peace initiatives" into Internet search engine Google and no fewer than 16.8 million items appear providing details on neighborhood grassroots efforts to the global enterprises of famous peace activists and organizations like Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Betty Williams, United Nations Peace Messenger Jane Goodall and Seeds of Peace, a nonprofit, nonpolitical organization that brings together children from war-torn nations to teach them conflict resolution.

Add to that list of advocates hundreds of women artists, writers and composers — all members of the National League of American Pen Women — who have worked since February 2005 to create a Tapestry for Peace, among them a group of Connecticut women. "We certainly can't argue that peace is an issue, a goal. Surely we can accomplish this. It has to be within our reach in our lifetime," said Michele Pace Hofbauer, of Trumbull, president of the Fairfield County Branch of NLAPW..............

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