Sunday, January 15, 2006

it is too late for nixzmary, don't let it be too late for anyone else

the little six year old in hartford lived, but she lost one of her arms to abuse. mom lied about who did it. mom is NOT blameless. mom should at the very least do some hard time. mom should NEVER be allowed to have another child in her home again. NEVER, NO exceptions. whatever happened to that young girl, we perhaps shall never know. we DO know mom didn't take her to the hospital for a few days. how many kids have to live in pain and terror? we, as citizens of the planet earth are responsible for watching out for those who cannot watch out for themselves. if you suspect abuse, CALL the authorities. if they don't do anything KEEP CALLING.

Police: Mom's New Story Hampers Investigation

By MATT BURGARD And TINA A. BROWNCourant Staff WritersJanuary 14 2006Hartford police officials said Friday that their investigation into the recent injuries suffered by a 6-year-old girl with disabilities has become unusually daunting because the girl's mother is now implicating her current boyfriend after originally trying to pin blame on her ex-boyfriend."She has made everything at least three times harder for us," said Lt. James Bernier, head of the police department's juvenile investigation division. "By changing her story, we need to base an arrest on more than just her statement, much more. "But we are confident that we will be able to build a strong case."The mother, 24-year-old Yajaira Rodriguez, originally told police that ex-boyfriend Jaime Hoy was responsible for breaking into her home in late December, holding her family hostage at gunpoint and beating the girl so severely that her left arm eventually had to be amputated.But when it came to light that Hoy apparently had been deported from Canada to Colombia in early 2005, Rodriguez changed her story, saying her current boyfriend, identified as 23-year-old Jose Graciani, had been watching the girl when she fell from a bed and was injured, police said.Although Graciani has been questioned extensively over the last two days, he has not confessed to injuring the girl and he has not been charged in the case, Bernier said. On Thursday, police charged him with violating probation in connection with a pair of previous, unrelated crimes, and he was held with bail set at $250,000 after an appearance Friday in Superior Court in Hartford. ...................

and from the new york times

A Tough Road for Siblings Who Survived Cases of Abuse

In death, they have become indelible symbols of the city's failures to protect the weak from the cruel: Five-year-old Adam Mann, killed by parents for eating a piece of cake in 1990. Six-year-old Elisa Izquierdo, battered and burned by her mother in 1995. And now, 7-year-old Nixzmary Brown, who the authorities say was tortured over time and finally beaten to death by her stepfather for taking a container of yogurt.
In life, the dead children's surviving siblings are often forgotten. Yet in many ways, their hard journey toward adulthood may show more about the day-to-day problems and progress of the city's child welfare system than the fatalities that capture so much public outrage. Will the survivors find safe, permanent homes, or be bounced from one foster care placement to the next? Will they be kept together, or scattered far apart?
Sometimes, children taken from the most notoriously abusive homes have, years later, come full circle: In the Mann case, the oldest surviving sibling returned by choice to live with his mother, who had served prison time in the death of his abused brother.
For Nixzmary's two surviving half sisters and three half brothers, aged 9 months to 9 years, the journey began Wednesday after their sister's battered body was discovered in their mother's apartment in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. For now, said Sharman Stein, a spokeswoman for the Administration for Children's Services, all five of Nixzmary's siblings are in a home in Brooklyn with Spanish-speaking foster parents specially trained to deal with psychologically fragile children.
That they are together reflects an achievement. A decade ago, siblings were as likely as not to be separated. In 2004, sibling groups entering foster care were placed together almost 90 percent of the time..............


Eugene Weixel said...

Children being murdered while under watch of ACS is nothing new at all. It is a twice a month thing as a matter of fact.

Why then do the press and the politicoes find this case so urgent and different?

In my opinion Bloomberg has just been re elected and contract talks are at a start with municipal employees. Were these two facts not in alignment, there would be no uproar about Nixzmary Brown....

From Gotham Gazette during Giuliani time no, not the Daily News, not The New York Post, not any big media, because teflon was in effect>

by Caroline Howard Guest Reporter
Children's Services
The agency whose job it is to keep the city's children safe, the Administration for Children's Services, is now a permanent agency, thanks to a charter proposal that the voters passed in November, after a six-year separation from the Human Resources Administration. But Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta, widely hailed as the mastermind behind the agency's reinvention, is stepping down and his replacement has yet to be announced. At the same time, as if to mock all their best intentions, tragically, at least six children under the age of seven have died recently, allegedly at the hands of their abusive parents.The list is a heartbreaking reminder of the agency's grave responsibility: Inez Bennett, 7, found dead in her family's Bronx apartment with a smashed jaw and hot water burns, cuts and bruises covering her body; Signifagance Oliver, 4, drowned in the bathtub by her mother in an exorcism ritual; Sylena Herrnkind, 3, beaten to death by her mother in the Staten Island home she shared with four siblings; Sidney Achan, 2, who died from multiple skull fractures and brain injuries; and Kyron Hamilton, 15 months, beaten to death by his mother who said the baby was bothering her while she watched television. A Brooklyn man was charged with second-degree murder in the death of De Andrew Monroe, the 15-month-old son of his girlfriend. According to police, the baby was shaken to death because he would not stop crying.
If the Administration for Children's Services is......

You won't remember any uproar in the press at that time because there was none.

I've got more on my blog for any who care to see......

a rose is a rose said...

thank you for posting and as soon as i post this, i'm going to read your blog. this is horrid all over. we all have excuses; too many cases for each worker, not enough funding, they ignored the signs, and on and on and on. when it comes right down to it, it has to be up to us as neighbors and family and friends to keep our eyes and ears open. if they (the powers that be) don't hear us the first time, keep screaming LOUDER. once again, thank you for your words. this is never a 'nice' topic to discuss, but it's a situation that ALWAYS exists - beyond race and beyond class lines.