Tuesday, January 17, 2006

avon mountain traffic plans

governor rell (and others) has (have) a few ideas that just MIGHT slow people down. video cameras and DOUBLE traffic fines are two of them. as i have mentioned, i drove over that mountain daily for MANY years. most of the time, i was scared s**tless. once people get behind the wheel, some of them become total id-jits. whatever happens changes MUST occur.

Rell Offers Avon Mountain Plan
By DAVID OWENS Courant Staff Writer January 17 2006
The governor said Monday she'll propose legislation to double traffic fines on Avon Mountain as a means of slowing drivers and punishing those who break motor vehicle laws.Doubling fines, however, may only be the first step in an effort to crack down on drivers who speed and break motor vehicle laws as they traverse the mountain. Also under consideration is a proposal to install video cameras that would captures images of cars and their license plates, enabling tickets to be issued even when a police officer is not around, officials said Monday.Gov. M. Jodi Rell announced several initiatives in response to the crash at the foot of the mountain July 29 that killed four people and injured 19.Rell said the actions would improve safety on Avon Mountain, which is bisected by Route 44, a main thoroughfare to Hartford for those traveling from the Farmington Valley and the state's northwest corner."Since the tragic crash on Avon Mountain on July 29, state and local leaders have taken action to improve safety on this roadway - but we can and must do more," Rell said in a prepared statement............


Anonymous said...

Hopefully they don't widen the road, because that would just encourage higher speeds. The road is also too straight coming down the hill into Avon, which is why people feel so comfortable going down it at 50-60 MPH.

a rose is a rose said...

well in my opinion, they never should have made two lanes into one at the top of the mountain going into avon. that was years ago and i don't think they'll change it back.

the only things i have noticed so far are more signs and police pull over areas on both sides. i also noticed MOST people driving safer. of course there is/are always one or two dopes on the road.