Friday, January 20, 2006

senator christopher dodd's statement on osama's latest tape

January 19, 2006 "Osama bin Laden is a ruthless murderer and the U.S. must not rest until he is either captured or killed. This tape doesn't change that. It merely proves, yet again, that the Bush administration's preoccupation with Iraq has diverted our attention from what it claims is our primary focus, namely to combat terrorist threats to the US."


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January 20, 2006
Urgent Phone Action: IT'S FILIBUSTER FRIDAY To Stop Alito
Instantly lookup your senators' local district phone and fax numbers

By thepen
CALL ALL YOUR SENATORS LOCAL DISTRICT OFFICES NOW TO OPPOSE ALITO INSTANTLY LOOKUP ALL THEIR LOCAL PHONE AND FAX NUMBERS AT THIS SITE: We have gotten many emails from our participants, asking "what more can we do?" Some have reported senators arbitrarily turning off their answering machines at night, or long waits on hold. Are they trying to hide from the thousands and thousands of their constituents who are raising their voices to demand that they filibuster the evasive Alito? Even if you have already sent your personal message by email or made some phone calls, we have added a FABULOUS extra function to the main action page where you can instantly lookup all your senators local district offices phone and fax numbers with just one click. SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT FILIBUSTER FRIDAY........
(please note according to sen dodd's website, his connecticut office is without power and phones so use the washington number)

Senator Christopher J Dodd [CT]Washington, 202-224-2823 (phone), 202-224-1083 (fax)Wethersfield, 800-334-5341 (phone), 860-258-6958 (fax)
Senator Joseph I Lieberman [CT]Washington, 202-224-4041 (phone), 202-224-9750 (fax)Hartford, 860-549-8463 (phone), 860-549-8478 (fax)
Representative John B Larson [CT01]Washington, 202-225-2265 (phone), 202-225-1031 (fax)Hartford, 860-278-8888 (phone), 860-278-2111 (fax)

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