Saturday, September 19, 2009

todays posting on raymond clark iii, annie le and dna

the courant link below has a ton of other links within it. very comprehensive coverage. they even include a bunch of links to OTHER sources (which i find very refreshing)

my thoughts for today are; first i in no way shape or form am saying raymond clark is guilty. he has not (to the best of my knowledge) plead guilty nor has he been tried and found guilty. what i want to know is; if in fact he does NOT plead out and does go to trial, how the hell are they going to find a jury who isn't familiar with the case? not only is it all over the news in connecticut and the rest of the united states, it is INTERNATIONAL (i know because i'm getting hits on the postings i've done and the hits are from other countries). if the stories are true and they are getting clark's dna and ms le's dna from the same places, well then we all already KNOW that and so would 99% of those in the jury pool (i have been called to jury duty MANY times so i know the ropes. although i have never actually been chosen. if i was called for this case, i would absolutely have to recuse myself).

Clothing Contains DNA Of Victim Annie Le, Suspect Raymond Clark III, Source Says
The Hartford Courant
NEW HAVEN - As hordes of FBI agents and Yale police combed the basement of a Yale University laboratory building for missing bride-to-be Annie Le, the man accused of killing her moved among them, in an apparent effort to cover his tracks, a law enforcement official familiar with the investigation said.

That behavior aroused investigators' suspicions about Raymond Clark III, but the final piece that led to his arrest Thursday morning was the discovery that evidence in the ceiling and in the crawl space where Le's body was found contained the DNA of both Le and Clark, according to the law enforcement official who spoke to The Courant on the condition of anonymity.

Clark, 24, was arrested at a Super 8 Motel in Cromwell around 8:30 a.m. Thursday. He was charged with murder.

(Pictures: Annie Le Homicide Investigation)

One investigator, among a group of investigators who were in the lab interviewing employees and students shortly after Le disappeared, witnessed Clark trying to hide lab cleaning equipment that they discovered contained blood spatters. Clark was observed cleaning up areas that Le was in before she was reported missing, the law enforcement official said.............

Rumor control: No 2nd arrest pending

New Haven (WTNH) - There is no known motive behind Annie Le's killing yet, but police feel confident in telling News Channel 8 that so far, the evidence points to just one person.

In the hours after the murder, the days of Annie Le's disappearance, did Raymond Clark have an accomplice?

New Haven Police Chief James Lewis says that is a false rumor.

"There's no second arrest pending," Lewis said.

They are not actively pursuing a warrant to arrest anyone else in the murder of Yale graduate student Annie Le at this time.

In a sit-down interview with News Channel 8, the chief said he is limited on what he can comment on as the arrest warrant affidavit was sealed by the courts, so he could not answer directly if he believes Clark acted alone.

"I can't talk about that now cause that's in the sealed document," Lewis said.

But he says no other arrests are pending.

Speculation has been widespread because Clark's fiance, sister and brother-in-law all work at Yale, all at 10 Amistad St., the scene of the crime.

As the investigation was being passed from the FBI over to New Haven, the city's narcotics unit was assigned to tail Clark and to keep track of his movements at all times. But there were other people police had their eyes on.

"He wasn't the only one that we were keeping track of during different times in this investigation," Lewis said.........

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