Wednesday, September 16, 2009

since i have already written about annie le

i'll post this as well. they've served a warrant on someone. a lab tech. someone who took care of the animals (research animals but that's a whole other subject). this is a person of interest. as far as i know, he has NOT been charged with any crimes yet. i am NOT saying he did anything

Police Serve Search Warrant In Annie Le Case
The Hartford Courant
Police Chief James Lewis said at a press conference Tuesday night that police executed a search warrant for the Middletown apartment of Raymond Clark III, a "person of interest" in the slaying of Yale student Annie Le. "We took him into custody to gather evidence from his body and his person," Lewis said. "If he cooperates he'll be released this evening." Lewis said the search warrant was for Apt. 1A at 40 Ferry St. in Middletown, where at 10:16 p.m. about 20 New Haven, state and federal law enforcement officers, armed with the search warrant, entered 40 Ferry St. An unmarked police car pulled up to the apartment building's front door, and then officers escorted a man in a white T-shirt out of the building and placed him in the car. Lewis said police have looked at 700 hours of videotape, interviewed 150 people and gathered 150 pieces of evidence in the case, some of which have DNA on them. He said that police are "trying to narrow down the list of suspects in this horrendous crime," and added that they haven't ruled out whether others were involved in the murder......
pic: john woike/hartford courant

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