Tuesday, September 15, 2009

more news on the murder of annie le

i don't know if this suspect is guilty or not. i DO know they must find whoever committed this heinous act.

once again my thoughts and prayers go out to ms le's family and friends

(as an aside, i'd also like to think our police forces and fbi spend as much time on ALL murders/disappearances. they don't though, do they?)

Cops Eye Lab Technician in Ivy League Murder

Worker in the building where Yale grad student's body was found is under investigation


Cops said today they believe the murder of missing Yale grad student Annie Le was an inside job, centering their homicide investigation around a lab technician who worked in the building where Le's body was found stuffed inside a wall late Sunday evening six days after she went missing from the Ivy League campus.

Medical examiners ruled Le's death a homicide Monday but the cause of the petite 24-year-old's death has yet to be determined, the office said. Le was suspected dead since she went missing last week.

The announcement comes as cops began to investigate a lab technician in the slaying of the 24-year-old bride-to-be, whose body was found inside the wall of her laboratory building about a mile from the university's main New Haven campus on the day she was to be married.......

Thousands Mourn Yale Student's Death


Candlelight filled the darkness Monday night as thousands gathered on the Yale campus to remember graduate state Annie Le. "As a Yale student, as a member of the New Haven Community, it's a hard night for me," said student Mary Ellen Kwasie.

Among the crowd was Natalie Powers, Le's roommate who had roomed with Le for the past 2 years during graduate school. "She was always kind, generous, honest, caring, the list keeps going," said Powers.

The service included a moment of silence that lasted for a more than 5 minutes, then from the darkness came the sounds of a violin playing Amazing Grace.

Yale President Richard Levin attended the vigil and tried to console the student body. "We find it incomprehensible that life can be so unjust. We must come together to talk with one another to try to understand," Levin said........

pic from the nbcconnecticut.com article

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