Friday, June 15, 2007


are second class citizens

if you (ALLEGEDLY) try to stab your ex-girlfriend MULTIPLE TIMES with a SHARP PIECE OF BROKEN WOOD, then (ALLEGEDLY) knock her to the floor and (ALLEGEDLY) try to strangle her then last but NOT least (allegedly) STOMP HER FACE WITH YOUR DIRTY WORK BOOTS- YOU GET OFF WITH A $1,000 BAIL AMOUNT (remember what ken krayeske's bail was? i do and it was
75 times what this dude's was)

what is wrong with the justice system? who is responsible for this bail amout?

Bloomfield Man Accused Of Attacking Ex-Girlfriend
By DAVID OWENS, The Hartford Courant

VERNON -- A Bloomfield man has been charged with brutally assaulting his former girlfriend at her Rockville apartment.Garfield Heinz Johnson, 36, of 7 Norman Drive, was arraigned today on charges of second-degree assault, breach of peace and violation of a protective order. He posted $1,000 bail before his arraignment, but Deputy Assistant State's Attorney Charles Johnson put the defendant on notice that he would seek to increase his bond at his next court date, which is July 3.
Garfield Johnson is accused of smashing his way into his former girlfriend's apartment, trying repeatedly to stab her with a sharp piece of broken wood, then pushing her to the floor and trying to strangle her.The former girlfriend "found it impossible to breathe and she thought she was going to die," according to the warrant for Johnson's arrest. Johnson then stopped trying to strangle the woman, the warrant reads, and stood up and began to stomp her face. He was wearing work boots, the warrant reads.


Anonymous said...

If we look at Krayeske's bail, it leads to the larger question - Is Jodi Rell indeed a woman?

According to the 2007 UNICEF report on the State of the World's Children, "women in politics have been especially effective advocates for children at all levels, sponsoring legislation and fostering tangible changes in policy outcomes that reflect the rights, priorities, experiences and contributions of women, children and families."

This is a sentence that I don't feel is reflective of M. Jodi Rell's governance. Which leads to the question...

a rose is a rose said...

i DO think women in politics as a rule, campaign more for children and women than the good old white boy network

there are things i like about jodi rell and many things i don't. i did not vote for her nor would i. as far as her gender, i cannot say.............