Wednesday, June 13, 2007

i wrote about this before. not the two officers suits but their complaints against burr and against oxford's first selectman august palmer iii. i searched high and low for the posting but i just can't find it.

IF what troopers john butkevicius and patrick carroza say about burr is true (that he had his guns taken away MORE than once for domestic complaints), WHY THE HELL IS BURR STILL ON THE JOB AND CARRYING GUNS? therapy or not ....

either butkevicius and carroza are correct in what they say

....... "Two woman filed three restraining orders against Burr, and police officials took his guns away twice. He was arrested in one of the incidents, but the charges have since been dropped and he is back on the job. He traded a gun for a tattoo in Waterbury and improperly disposed of drugs found at a death scene, according to the lawsuit.Palmer allowed Burr to return to work over the objections of Butkevicius and Carroza. The troopers claim that they were later harassed by Burr and that his instability "caused them to be in fear for their lives and the lives of their families and loved ones." "..

or august palmer iii is correct. it should be a matter of public record if three restraining orders were filed against burr. it should be a matter of public record if he had his guns taken away TWICE. it should be a matter of public record if burr improperly 'disposed' of drugs at a crime scene and it should be a matter of record if he traded a gun for a tattoo (was the gun registered? is it legal to trade a gun for ink? did the tattoo artist then register the gun in her or his name?)

i wonder how one starts to investigate this? if the above is true about burr we're ALL in deep deep shite if he's back on the job with a loaded weapon

Troopers Sue Over `B-Team' Treatment Supervisors Accused Of Ignoring Complaints

By TRACY GORDON FOX, Courant Staff Writer

Two state troopers have sued five state police supervisors, two former commanders and the former public safety commissioner, saying their civil rights were violated and their work environment was hostile because they are not on the department's "A-team."Troopers John Butkevicius and Patrick Carroza, who at one time were resident state troopers in Oxford, also are suing the town's first selectman, August Palmer III, and a local police officer, James Burr, in the suit filed in U.S. District Court in New Haven Tuesday.

The two troopers claim they were removed as Oxford's co-resident troopers after they complained about the behavior of a local officer, whom they supervised.........

and this from behind the blue wall (back in late 2005)

November 30th - December 1st, 2005 - Oxford Police Cpl. James Burr has just been suspended again. He's had three restraining orders filed against him by 2 women and has been suspended from duty & had his guns taken away twice. The State Troopers supervising Burr say they fear he'll hurt them or somebody else, that he's unstable, and possibly using drugs. Burr's ex-girlfriend said in court that he called her recently 94 times in two days, parked outside her house, and she's afraid. His former wife also filed a restraining order against him in 2003 and a second one in 2004. Oxford First Selectman (City Manager) August Palmer III had planned on having Burr RETURN TO WORK regardless of everything but yesterday Judge Deborah Frankel extended his restraining order for 6 months, and today finally it's announced there will be an internal investigation. FINALLY! BURR BLAMES the murder-suicide last week - Trooper Victor Diaz murdered Officer Ciara McDermott - for the current extension of his restraining order, but he was collecting those before last week's tragedy. Police are also looking into whether Burr made threatening comments to others that he would go after the 2 troopers if he lost his job.......

State drops harassment case against Oxford cop

...Mariano said Burr has gone for counseling and "has done perfectly well. He's done everything he's supposed to. He's volunteered for more extensive drug tests than are necessary, and he's passed with flying colors."
Based on conversations with the Family Relations Office and on psychiatric testing Burr underwent, Mariani said the State's Attorneys Office felt dropping the charges was not a problem. He also said Gaudett was fine with the case being nolled...

my feeling is this: you can go to ALL the counseling in the universe. if, for a job you carry guns BUT need to take 'extensive' drug tests and have had restraining orders taken out on you and have called your ex 94 times in two days i sure don't think you should be allowed to carry a gun any longer. i think you can change your life around sure. i think you can become a new person, a better person, a good person. BUT - i just don't want to take a chance and put a gun back into your hands. PERIOD

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