Wednesday, June 13, 2007

as far as i'm concerned he crossed the line LONG ago

but now even his OWN PARTY thinks he's gone way too far

i think his remarks are without thought. i think they're based on one thing and one thing only and it has NOTHING to do with american soldiers being killed

i think what he said on sunday is insane AND dangerous

Lieberman asked to resign from his own party

(WTNH) _ The Connecticut for Lieberman Party is calling on Senator Joseph Lieberman to resign from the U.S. Senate following his remarks made Sunday on CBS' Face the Nation regarding military action against Iran.
Lieberman said on the national television program that, "we've got to be prepared to take aggressive military action against the Iranians." .......

Attack Iran? Joe Stirs Debate Senator: The Threat Boosts Diplomacy

By DAVID LIGHTMAN, Washington Bureau Chief

WASHINGTON -- Joe Lieberman this week triggered the debate Washington really doesn't want: what to do about Iran.For nearly three decades, Iran has been the foreign policy irritant no American president or Congress has been able to contain.
Lieberman, an independent who caucuses with Senate Democrats, has been suggesting all week that the United States and its allies should be prepared to take military action against Iran if the country continues helping extremists who are killing American soldiers in Iraq.He is not urging such a strike at the moment, but Connecticut's junior senator argued Tuesday that "diplomacy is only likely to succeed if it is backed by a credible threat of consequences.".............

.........The comments triggered an instant firestorm. Retired Gen. Wesley Clark weighed in Monday and again Tuesday, calling the senator's views "highly irresponsible and counter-productive," and Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson suggested a softer approach, such as sanctions.........

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