Monday, June 11, 2007

they took my cigarette lighters

yet let me walk in with DOZENS of boxes of matches. i don't get it. the whole place is made of concrete. wtf would burn?

tons of police and security AND you have to walk through metal detectors AND have your handbags rifled through.

what am i talking about? the boxing match at the
connecticut convention center in hartford.

addy was supposed to box first, but her match ended up being fourth. good thing because her match only lasted 35 seconds! yes, that's right 35 seconds. those women hit MORE than the men did in ALL three prior matches.

i'm so very happy for you addy! congratulations!

(and oh yeah, i got to see a fighter who got popped in the gut, just STOP in the ring, bend his head down, spit his mouthpiece out, then go to the ropes and puke over the side. good thing i didn't spring for the $500.00 seats!

Majority Decision

By SHAWN COURCHESNE, Courant Staff Writer
..........Irizarry: Quick StudyBoxing trainer Paul Cichon said one of the best traits that Addy Irizarry has is that she's a great listener in the training room.Irizarry proved that point loudly.In her pro debut April 6 at the Mohegan Sun Casino, Irizarry was overmatched and somewhat overwhelmed in losing a four-round unanimous decision to Ela Nunez."We talked a lot about that," Cichon said. "We talked about her first fight not knowing what to expect. I told her, 'Now you know what to do so go out there and do it first and fast and hard.'"Irizarry hit on every one of Cichon's points perfectly on the way to a 35-second technical knockout of Tiffany Lucas in a scheduled four-round lightweight undercard fight.Irizarry (1-1, one KO) came out at the bell and landed a huge straight left to Lucas' head, sending her flailing back to the ropes."As soon as I landed that shot I knew I was in good," Irizarry said..................

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