Wednesday, June 13, 2007

better than being armed - that's for sure

curtis sliwa is comin' to town and i don't think it's a half bad idea at all!

(the only thing upsetting about this is his comments about RACE WARS. it sounds like he is assuming the issues in new haven are ONLY among jews and blacks. i don't live in new haven and i don't know for sure but i have a stinking suspicion the violence EFFECTS ALL. it goes past color and class and religion and gender)

Guardian Angels founder bringing group to New Haven

by News Channel 8's Chris Velardi Posted June 13, 2007 Updated 12:15 PM
(New Haven-WTNH) _ The founder of the Guardian Angels is coming to New Haven Thursday to help patrol the city's Edgewood Park area. This comes after a neighborhood group started armed patrols in the area.
"It just highlights the problems and the issues that have been raised over the last several days and over the last two years," Eliezer Greer said.
That's why Eliezer and his brother Dov Greer decided to take matters into their own hands, to hop on their bikes and patrol the Edgewood Neighborhood armed with guns........

......"I understand their pain, I understand their victimization, and I understand their frustration at the growing violent crime problem," the group's founder Curtis Sliwa said during a live telephone interview on Good Morning Connecticut, "except I'm bringing a solution -- an inter-racial patrol, unarmed."
Sliwa plans to meet with the Greers Thursday. He says they have the right idea, but they may be going about it wrong. Sliwa believes the armed patrols may lead to a racial war.......


Connecticut Man 1 said...

When I saw the story about the "armed patrols" in New Haven the first thing I thought was some innocent bystander was going to get shot by one of those yahoos.

a rose is a rose said...

oh so did i, so did i

i just never thought such things (concealed weapons on PATROLING CIVILIANS was/were legal)