Wednesday, January 17, 2007


i'm so wicked excited today

a while ago, i signed up to be a big (sister. that is what we're called by the way, bigs. the little brothers and little sisters are called littles). through work, we have a program with big brothers, big sisters. so, i had to be interviewed, a background check done (i would assume) and my references checked (i know they did that part). i'm happy they check by the way. and YES, believe it or not, I PASSED INSPECTION. but i never got a little. i guess it was rather difficult to get a parental permission slip signed or something or other. i DID have my fingers crossed. yesterday, they told me i'd FINALLY get my little today!!!

so i ran right out after work yesterday and bought some giant knitting needles and some chunky yarn (of course i have to give a shout out to all my buds at sit-n-knit in west hartford center. they are all so very nice, helpful AND funny. oh, and they're opening a new store in comstock ferry too. watch for it). if my little would like, i am going to teach her to knit. if not, that's cool too. i have other activities up my veritable sleeve.

any way, if you have a spare hour or two or three each week. think about volunteering for something - ANYTHING. it really IS painless after the first time. i remember how nervous i was before the first time i worked at a 'soup kitchen' a long time ago. i wasn't nervous about what you'd expect. i was nervous because i thought i'd end up being too sad and upset. well i wasn't. it was and is always such a positive experience. a lot of families, a lot of kids, laughter, talking. yeah there are homeless, there are hookers, there are crack addicts BUT there are WORKING FAMILIES also. people who just need a little bit of a break. people who can't quite make ends meet.

you know YOU really CAN make a difference. maybe not in the whole wide world, BUT maybe in ONE life and ONE is a damn fine start

nutmeg big brothers big sisters

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