Sunday, January 14, 2007

more on the baker's dozen attack in san franciso

still NO arrests even though several witnesses have identified their attackers. un effing believable

Bay Area attack echoes on TV, online

It began as a New Year's Eve assault on a Yale choral group, allegedly at the hands of rich, young San Franciscans with ties to a prominent city prep school.
Now, as police sort out the details, the incident has exploded into a cause cA©lA bre, complete with allegations of anti-patriotism, gay-bashing and police errors.
Outraged that the assault occurred after the group sang 'The Star-Spangled Banner,' conservative pundits are skewering the city as unpatriotic, and a popular Fox News Channel host is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to arrests.
And some gay-rights activists, responding to reports that anti-gay slurs were uttered at the singers, are blogging about the city's perceived intolerance.
An attorney for the choral group -- including 18-year-old Sharyar Aziz, who needed a three-hour surgery to repair his broken jaw -- dismisses what he calls the political posturing of TV pundits and bloggers. He says he and the families of the victims just want speedier justice.
'What you have is senseless violence,' by assailants still at large, said attorney Whitman Leigh, a law partner of Mayor Gavin Newsom's former political rival, Matt Gonzalez. 'A lot of people are shocked in the Bay Area. This is not the way we feel visitors should be treated.'
All of which has San Franciscans, including Newsom, concerned about how the city's image is being maligned around the globe.............

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