Saturday, January 20, 2007

as i have said in the past

IF men could get pregnant, birth control and now plan b would be available at EVERY SINGLE street corner in the entire universe.

(once again i really do have to say, plan b does NOT cause an abortion. it PREVENTS conception)

when a woman is assaulted, she doesn't need to be mistreated once again by those 'treating' her

Hospitals Still Reluctant To Offer Plan B Pill

By HILARY WALDMAN Courant Staff Writer January 19 2007
Even as the Plan B emergency birth control pill was heading toward more widespread availability at pharmacy counters, 40 percent of rape victims who sought care at Connecticut hospitals in the first half of 2006 were not offered the medication or were sent home without the full dose of the drug needed to prevent pregnancy, rape counselors say.The continuing reluctance of hospitals - both Catholic and secular - to dispense the pills has prompted women's advocates to once again push the legislature to pass a law requiring all hospitals to provide the pill as a routine part of rape examinations.Last year, a similar measure died in the final days of the legislative session amid strong opposition from the Catholic Church.But rape counselors say that the problem is not limited to Catholic hospitals. Since the controversy erupted last year, rape crisis counselors have been documenting hospital practices in dispensing Plan B to rape victims, said Laura Cordes, director of policy and advocacy for Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services, an umbrella group representing rape crisis counselors.....

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