Thursday, January 18, 2007

how fortuitous

how many eight year olds wear their hair in a bun? i would venture to say NOT many!

well, my little does and so do i!

unfortunately, two of her friends have been in the program for a couple of years and the three of them hung out. i didn't get any one on one time. i told my little NEXT WEEK i was going to keep her all to myself. i asked if she wanted to learn how to knit in the future and she did seem very excited about that. we'll see.

what BEAUTIFUL children they all were, especially the three muskateers i was hanging out with. 8 and 9 going on 30!!! how bright and funny and ACTIVE they are. dang

i had a friend whose name was carmen. the three grrrls put together reminded me so much of her. it was nice to see her in those kids. carmen passed a few years ago but now i know she will live on

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