Tuesday, January 16, 2007

let's all wish

lieutenant colonel richard franzis well

Westport assistant principal heads off to war

by News Channel 8's Darren Duarte Posted Jan. 15, 20075:00 PM
(Westport-WTNH) _ An educator is preparing to take on a new assignment that will take him all the way to Iraq. The assistant principal at Staples High School in Westport is also a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army reserve.
This is the first time Army reservist Richard Franzis has packed up and left his family for war.
"All of us who wear the uniform in a post 9/11 world are expecting that call," said Franzis. "It's a very difficult time for my family, obviously as it is for the families of the 150,000 other families that are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan."
The Lt. Colonel spends at least a year in Iraq as an intelligence officer. He will advise troops who drive military supplies on where and when the next enemy explosive may be found................

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