Tuesday, January 09, 2007

this is an odd story indeed

not too much info either. i tried to get more info, nothing yet

Yale choir attacked in San Francisco

San Francisco-KGO TV) _ A renowned choral group from Yale University was brutally attacked while touring in San Francisco.
Several members of the group The Baker's Dozen were attacked outside a New Year's Eve party, sending many of the men to the hospital. One student had to get reconstructive surgery for his jaw.
The choir was performing at the home of a retired police officer and were ambushed afterwards by a group of men at the party. ........


Steve Boese said...

Here is a much more detailed report, with a link to photos taken that night.

Truly bizarre... especially that it's just barely hitting the news a week later.

a rose is a rose said...

thanks steve! it's much appreciated. i'm going to post the link.

this of course isn't the ONLY story that is a week late. the arrest at governor rell's parade wasn't made public until a few days afterward

a rose is a rose said...

whoops steve, i thought you were from connecticut, hence the governor rell remark.

i didn't check your blog out until AFTER i answered you