Monday, January 08, 2007

connecticut or north korea?

when i read colin's blog this morning, i saw he had more information on the arrest of mr krayeske. INCLUDING the picture he took of governor rell (yup he really WAS taking a photograph. AND in that very same photograph governor rell is SMILING. she is NOT screaming in fear at the approaching alleged 'terrorist' mr krayeske).

colin also continued with a posting later in the day

seems governor rell knows NOTHING about this 'list' the homeland security and connecticut state police may or may not have. she has requested (and i give her credit for it. then again, i'm sure she has NO choice. i did like her letter though. great sentiments) a thorough investigation. if she's sincere or not, i care not. i just care she put it in writing AND something will now have to be done.

i also happened to be driving home at about 5 pm and mr mcenroe had attorney general blumenthal on. the last question colin asked him was about this 'list'. ag blumenthal also said a thorough investigation will be conducted.

governor rell's letter in part:

The parade was a public event, and moreover an event at which public participation was invited. People also have a right to protest – and that right is one of the fundamental freedoms of our state and nation.
Most importantly, security procedures must be uniform and consistent in order to safeguard both the people and places of Connecticut as well as our basic freedoms.
Accordingly, I am requesting that you review the circumstances of this incident. Specifically, I would like to know how this individual came to the attention of State Police and the circumstances under which his name and photo were provided to the Hartford Police Department.

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