Wednesday, January 10, 2007

please be careful

FIVE racoon attacks in connecticut in the past TWO WEEKS. for this latest one, the woman must undergo rabies treatment

Woman attacked by rabid raccoon

(Enfield-WTNH) _ An Enfield woman is undergoing rabies treatment after she was attacked and bit by a raccoon.
There have been five Raccoon attacks in the past two weeks in Connecticut, three in Enfield and two in Manchester.
The latest happened Monday night in Enfield. Beverly Lanouette was attacked on her back porch and had to beat the animal off with a chair.
As soon as she saw the animal she knew it was rabid.
"It was a huge raccoon who meant business," she said. "It was very angry and growling and wouldn't let go of my leg."
All the other attack victims were dogs.............

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