Tuesday, January 09, 2007

a shout out to noel shepard and also to atlanta bread company (in south widsor)

so if you need baked goods, try to get them from ATLANTA BREAD COMPANY (also in newington as well as south windsor)

i bank at webster anyway (where ms shepard is employed and where they have supported her and her cause)

my company also supports volunteer efforts of it's employees. not only supports but ENCOURAGES them. even though they shall remain unnamed, a shout out to THEM as well

5 Nights A Week, An Angel Delivers

By BRITTANY OAT Courant Staff Writer January 8 2007

A 2-year-old wearing Spiderman pajamas pokes her head out of one of the bedrooms at Vernon's Tri-Town Shelter and brushes a rumpled strand of blond hair out of her face, revealing a shy grin.The smile is aimed at Noël Shepard, an angel of sorts who delivers bread to the shelter several nights a week."This is my favorite movie," the girl says, holding up the DVD of "Ice Age.""That's my son's favorite movie, too," Shepard says, with tears in her eyes.The Ellington woman turns away from the girl and the tears flow."I can't stand to see this," she says. "It breaks my heart."Julie Rybacki, the service coordinator and case manager at the shelter, rubs the girl's back. The girl curls her freshly painted big toe under her foot."Alice is fine," Rybacki tells Shepard. "She's well taken care of. Her face is just a little dirty. That's all."Shepard's delivery Thursday night was the first time she had come face to face with the people she started helping after a church member mentioned that Atlanta Bread Co. in South Windsor was throwing out its unsold baked goods. Now, five nights a week for the past year, she has been shuttling the baked goods to as many as seven soup kitchens and homeless shelters in Greater Hartford.The Tri-Town residents rely on donations to supplement the groceries they buy with their food stamps. Now that the shelter is over capacity with 16 residents, Rybacki said, they need Shepard's daily bread more than ever.............

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