Wednesday, January 10, 2007

more on the yale choir

thanks to steve, at a tenable belief for forwarding this on to me

still this is odd odd odd. they KNOW who assaulted the choir members. none have been arrested yet. the police did NOT take photos of the assaulted choir members. however the people whose home they were performing at DID. the owner of the home is a retired police officer AND lawyer by the way

Yale Choir Assaulted; No Arrests By SFPD

By Dan Noyes
Jan. 8 - KGO - Members of a renowned choral group from Yale University were attacked outside a New Year's Eve party in San Francisco, sending several of them to the hospital. Now the police department is coming under fire for its handling of the case.
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This does not look good for the city. Yale sends its popular singing group, The Baker's Dozen, on a holiday concert tour. And San Francisco sends the young men away bloody, bruised, and several of them seriously injured.
Laura Aziz sent her son, Sharyar, off on a concert tour with one of Yale University's singing groups -- he came to San Francisco over New Year's.
This is how the 18-year-old returned to New York last week.
Sharyar Aziz, Yale University Student: "Besides any bruising or scrapes to the face, the main injury that I suffered was I broke my jaw in two places."
Laura Aziz, Sharyar's Mother: "It was shocking. It didn't make any sense. It still doesn't make any sense."
The Baker's Dozen are a 58-year tradition at Yale. They've put out two dozen albums and toured the country, with appearances at the White House and Los Angeles Lakers games. When their winter tour brought them to San Francisco, retired police officer and department lawyer, Reno Rapagnani, arranged a New Year's Eve party at his home in the group's honor.
Reno Rapagnani, Retired SFPD Lawyer: "I had given strict orders to my daughter that if anything got out of hand that the party would be over." .............


Fuzzy Turtle said...

disgusting. Stories like this make me ill but I hear them so often.. I guess being born with a silver spoon in your mouth gives you the ability to pound people with your silver mallet...!! >:(

Steve said...

Hey... glad to help.

My site is out of date, so it isn't obvious that I'm a Hartford guy; I found your site because Maureen mentioned you.

Take care...

a rose is a rose said...

f t -i'm guessing that is the reason these men haven't been arrested yet - their silver spoons got in the way.

if i beat the shite out of someone, there were witnesses and it was unproved AND the police picked me up....what are the chances they wouldn't arrest me?

ah steve, maureen and hannah are grand! you remind me, i owe maureen a note... uh oh

anyway, i'm happy (if you're happy) you're in the hood. it's a great area (state police and homeland security 'lists' aside)