Friday, June 16, 2006

ms silva it really does appear you were wronged

i think you're being persecuted for your LIFESTYLE NOT your permits or lack thereof. it's a damn shame but hold your head up and keep looking forward

Operator Of Adult Website Facing Charges

Woman Says She'll Seek Trial In Case Involving Bondage, Domination Videos
By MONICA POLANCO Courant Staff WriterJune 16 2006 ENFIELD -- A woman who produced bondage and domination videos at her home and sold memberships to customers who watched them on her website turned herself in to police Thursday.Michelle Silva of Montano Road has been charged with violation of zoning regulations, promoting prostitution, promoting prostitution in the second and third degree, and prostitution, Police Chief Carl J. Sferrazza said. Silva posted a $30,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in Superior Court in Enfield on June 27. A copy of Silva's arrest warrant was not available Thursday.Silva, 44, said she was surprised at how police arrived at the charges against her and said she will request a trial."I understand what the charges mean, but I don't understand how they apply to me," she said, adding that she obtained a permit for her business in 2004.At the time, Silva said, she explained the nature of her business to Zoning Enforcement Officer Wayne Bickley. Bickley could not be reached for comment. She showed a visitor a copy of a home occupation and professional services registration form that describes her business - selling adult-based content. She also produced a zoning permit application for a home occupation office signed July 12, 2004. "I don't think I would have gone through all that if I was going to do prostitution," she said.Sferrazza said the zoning violation count Silva faces is not a criminal charge. .........

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