Friday, June 16, 2006

it's so cool so many even from out of state want the liebs OUT and mr lamont IN

i am so happy, i really am! everyday i see more and more 'lamont' signs on lawns around the state (i was supposed to be getting one, but that didn't happen yet. i'll have to check on it). when i registered to vote at 18 (a LONG LONG LONG time ago in a galaxy far far away) i registered as an independent. i did NOT change affiliation until i knew mr lamont was going to run in a primary. i changed so I COULD VOTE FOR NED LAMONT

Lamont Stars At Activists' Meeting In Washington
By DAVID LIGHTMAN Washington Bureau Chief June 15 2006
WASHINGTON -- It's one thing to be the darling of the liberal bloggers; it's another to pull bodies into a room.Ned Lamont did that Wednesday as 350 progressive activists crammed a hotel meeting room to witness the Senate challenger's first big national appearance.After basking in three standing ovations before, during and after his nine-minute speech Wednesday, Lamont was asked by his new-found fans to pose for pictures."We really want to see Joe Lieberman defeated," said Lois McCarthy, a Chestertown, Md., retiree."I'm going to send this [photo] out to the blog right away," promised Holly Johnson, a physical therapist from Byron, Ill.Lamont was touted by activists at the Take Back America Conference as a man on a mission, their best hope for sending a loud anti-war message to Democrats and Republicans.........

ned lamont

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