Friday, June 16, 2006

a head made in Palermo and a body from Catania

no, i'm not talking about my friend 's' (he's from siracusa any damn way)

Missing puppet found by side of highway
June 15, 2006
BRANFORD, Conn. --A man who said he found a stolen marionette by the side of the highway has returned the $10,000 puppet to its owner -- no strings attached.
The 4-foot, 60-pound handcrafted puppet, which was going to be showcased at this week's International Festival of Arts and Ideas in New Haven, was stolen over the weekend from the Stony Creek Puppet House Theater.
The Sicilian puppet with African features suffered some minor damage in the ordeal. The metal rod used to hold it up was bent and it had some scratches above the eyes on its hand-cut walnut head.
But the puppet's owner, Jim Weil, said he was able to fix the rod with a vice.........


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