Monday, June 12, 2006

goodbye liebs, hello mr lamont!

i AM angry at king george, but i judge everyone on their own merits. i will NOT vote for the liebs because of HIS beliefs on certain subjects. the war in iraq is first and foremost. WE DO NOT BELONG THERE and we must find a way to leave. LEAVE NOW. i am going to vote for ned lamont in the primary and i HOPE to vote for him in the election as well

June 12, 2006, 1:04AM
Far from clear sailing for Bush's favorite Democrat
ANGER at President Bush could bring down a number of congressional Republicans, and one Democrat might join them. He is Joseph Lieberman, senator from Connecticut. Many voters there want nothing more than to sink "Bush's favorite Democrat." They are mad at Joe Lieberman over his uncritical support of the Iraq war and 18 other things, including his bottomless need for right-wing approval.

So Lieberman will not have a clear sail into November, easily smiting a little known Republican. First he'll have to duke it out in a tough Democratic primary on Aug. 8. His challenger is businessman Ned Lamont, who, if elected, would not be Bush's favorite anything.
There is delectable irony in the candidacy of Edward "Ned" Lamont. Polished, trim and rich, Lamont lives and works in Greenwich, home of the Bush dynasty. Lamont would make a more convincing descendant of the late Connecticut Sen. Prescott Bush than W himself. But he doesn't need anyone else's fancy ancestors. He has his own, namely great-grandfather Thomas Lamont, who headed the House of Morgan..........

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